I Don’t Know Why I Remember…

I don’t know why I remember walking down the streets of New York with my mom and my friend Stephanie when I was 14-years-old. It was mid- February, right after the September 11th attacks, the air was frigidly cold, and the streets were empty. That sounds like an oxymoron for New York. Still, there wereContinue reading “I Don’t Know Why I Remember…”

The Perspective Part III: Sabrina

Every morning Jackson opens the door to my room, and he walks in, speaking to me as if I can respond; he smiles, inhales, and then exhales with a great sense of relief and pleasure. He walks to the window, on the newly installed carpet, the new fibers between his toes clearly amuses his soul.Continue reading “The Perspective Part III: Sabrina”

The Perspective Part II: The Narrator

The Narrator             Jackson wakes up every morning at the same time and goes through his daily routine. He finds his bathrobe and cozy slippers and makes his way around the house, opening all of the curtains to let the sun naturally brighten and warm up his home. Jackson starts with his room, first theContinue reading “The Perspective Part II: The Narrator”