Hello, my name is Corinne Coleman, and I am a storyteller from Oakland, California. Upon graduating from Chabot College in Hayward, Ca., with an AA in English and being Honorably Discharged from the Army National Guard, I uprooted my life to Atlanta in 2016 to attend the illustrious Clark Atlanta University.

I graduated in May 2020 from CAU with a BA in Mass Media Communication with a concentration in Journalism and a Minor in English. I continued my education the following August at the University of Georgia. In August 2022, I will be graduating with an MFA in Narrative Media Writing.

Being a writer and storyteller are coveted skills, especially in the age of digital media. Through my experience, I have been able to capitalize on more significant opportunities, creatively grow expand my technical knowledge base, and interact with creatives from all over.

My goal is to continue to grow within this space and assist and mentor individuals seeking opportunities within digital media.

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