The Perspective Part II: The Narrator

The Narrator

            Jackson wakes up every morning at the same time and goes through his daily routine. He finds his bathrobe and cozy slippers and makes his way around the house, opening all of the curtains to let the sun naturally brighten and warm up his home. Jackson starts with his room, first the curtain by closest to his bed, then near his closet.

After brushing his teeth, he strolls out of his bathroom and down the hall to the guest room. Jackson opens the door and is instantly overjoyed. He cheerfully enters while conversing with his house guest and opening the curtains. The curtains now wide open, Jackson appreciates his 3-acred backyard filled with nature and his cornstalks drifting in the wind. He also enjoys how the sun gleams over the lifeless body of his new visitor lying on the bed. Eyes wide open accompanied by the look of shock and terror, are still frozen on her face after a week later.

Jackson sits next to her, admiring her rigor mortis, and runs his fingers through her hair. He kisses her forehead and carefully walks out of the room as if he needed to be quiet, not to disturb her deathly slumber.

Jackson pleasantly smiles one last time and heads down the hall to his office. He does not open the curtains in this room; instead, he peeks out behind them from time to time, but the only light that ever shows comes from the computer. Jackson sits at his desk and starts to check his emails. He was getting hungry, but he came across an email that he had to reply to right away and would take him less than 5 minutes. It is an email he has sent more than a few times.

He eerily grins as he begins to type his thoughtful response:

            Dear Mom,

            Sorry for the late response. All is forgiven. I didn’t want you to think I was still upset. There was a storm that knocked out the internet last week, and it finally decided to cooperate. However, to answer your question, things are going great! I’ve been enjoying my time here as I meet new people and try the local food. Even the weather is perfect. Please tell Dad, Tyler, and Samantha, I said hi and that I love them all very much. Can’t wait to come home in a few months for the holidays.

            Love you Lots,


Content with his response, Jackson heads back down the hall; he peeks in on Sabrina to give her a message and continues on to his kitchen to prepare breakfast and start his day.

Jackson sits at the table, takes in the day, and suddenly the doorbell rings.

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